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CHEERSTARS is our introductory program at Air Born, which is a Cheerleading and Tumbling combo class.

CheerStars is perfect for kids aged 4-10 years old. Zero experience is required to join this class, however it is also a perfect class for your child if they have done a little bit of Gymnastics, Dance or something similar before.

Parents often tell us that CheerStars is perfect for their child as it has a bit more excitement and variety compared to a straight Gymnastics or Dance class that they may have tried previously. They love the team aspect and how there is a place on a Cheer team for their child no matter their physique or their physical abilities.

In a CheerStars class, students learn rhythm and coordination by practicing a variety of movements to music. They build strength, flexibility and agility through a variety of fun and exciting acrobatic tricks.

Students will learn to work as a team through group activities. They will also develop focus and discipline through learning a routine and following their coaches instructions.

CheerStars students have the opportunity to perform at approximately 3 club events throughout the year. These performances are very casual, and are a great opportunity for kids to build confidence and get experience performing in a gentle, non-intimidating and welcoming environment.


CheerStars is a wonderful foundation program to learn the FUNdamentals of Cheerleading, and it is also a great foundation for participation in all sports.

If CheerStars sounds like what you're looking for, why not grab a Trial Pass today and give it a try!

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