Tumbling is a spectacular and challenging activity. Air Born offer classes for children aged 4 years and up, beginner through to advanced level cheerleaders, dancers, or anyone who wants to have some serious fun!


Students will learn acrobatic moves from basic gymnastics skills such as cartwheels and round-offs through to more advanced tumbling techniques such as handsprings, walkovers, somersaults, aerials etc.

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The perfect start

Learn the fundamentals of Tumbling by building the flexibility, strength, shapes and skills that will see you flipping before you know it.

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Reach great heights

Help your team hit the scoresheet by learning advanced skills that will see you shine on your team and progress through the levels system.


Classes focus on flexibility and strength development which is essential for good safe technique, and utilizes specialized equipment such as our full sized sprung floor, trampolines, air floors and other soft play equipment. All the equipment, combined with our experienced coaches, means tumblers will progress safely as they develop their tumbling skills.

Tumble 101 is the first leap into tumbling at Air Born. The introductory program focuses on developing the foundations of tumbling. Each week the class introduces a new skill, helping to develop the students tumbling ability to move through our Progressive Tumbling Program.



Tumbling is a very important aspect of Cheerleading, and is one of the most important factors when determining an athletes progression through the Cheerleading levels each season. Attending additional Tumbling classes will allow athletes to fine tune their skills and see faster progression.

Our Tumbling classes for Cheerleaders focus on developing the 5 key skill milestones for a Cheerleaders career:

1. Walk Overs

2. Round Offs & Front Handsprings

3. Back Handsprings

3. Tucks

4. Layouts

5. Twisting

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