"Give your little one the best start"

Our Tumble Tots classes are currently on hold while our class leader Emma, is on maternity leave after the birth of her second child Jasper. Classes will be returning in the new year.

Air Born’s Tumble Tots program for walkers through to 5 years provides active and appropriate movement opportunities that enable your toddler to explore, develop, practice and refine skills essential for healthy development. The program is designed to ensure your child develops the essential foundations for participation in sporting activities of all kinds.

Classes are developmentally age appropriate and loads of fun! Bring your child along to crawl, jump, hop, swing, roll, tumble, hang, climb and dance their way to healthy physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. In this class a parent or caregiver will guide their toddler though the class based on guided free play.

Little brothers and sisters are welcome at class. Prams can be parked inside the studio so you can see them and run back to them at anytime. Crawlers are also welcome to play on the floor during class.